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Safe Deposit Lockers in small , medium and large sizes are rented out to customers at reasonable charges.
The annual rental charges for Safe Deposit Lockers will be subject to change from time to time.
 Rental Details
Size of Locker Measurements in cm (HxBxL) Rental per Year
Small 7.6 X 25.4 X 56 S$109.00 (inclusive of gst)
Medium 12.7 X 25.4 X 56 S$163.50 (inclusive of gst)
Large 25.4 X 25.4 X 56 S$218.00 (inclusive of gst)
Following are the requirement to open a Safe Deposit locker account
  • Opening of a Savings Account SGD 250/- (Initial Deposit) (Minimum balance SGD 201/- to be maintained)
  • Fixed Deposit Account for minimum SGD 5000/- to be kept under bank's lien and released upon termination of lease of locker
  • KEY Deposit for SGD 300/- ( Non-interest bearing Refundable) 

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